Short and Sweet

So I haven’t been updating this blog for a while. I stopped doing daily prompts because I have been bitten by the plot bunny of doom. It’s fanfiction, but like many writers, before me, I’m basically using it as a training ground. I also have been writing during the kid’s naptime at least five days a week.

As for what I’m writing right now, I’m writing a transgender Harry Potter/Batman crossover that I have rebooted three or four times.  I have determined that I’m going to just write shorter episodes with an overall story arc. I’m going to see how it works.

I have also determined that outlining is really not for me, the fun is putting the pieces together in a story.  So I actually record my story notes on my phone with a voice memo action, because of that how I work out the overall arch of the story.

So yeah, I’m working on a lot of fanfiction. Reading everything I can get my hands on and trying to improve.