Starting From Scratch

Today;s Word Count: 828 words

So I decided to scrap the chapter and start over from scratch. I was bored writing it and I just know my readers will be bored reading it.  I felt like no one wanted to watch Stiles cook Polish pastries.

So I started over and I like this draft better than the last one, but it still needs some work and some polishing up.  I’m a panster, and so I had to do some last minute world building for my witches and oh boy I wish I did that earlier. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking to let it go for so long.

I really hope that everything syncs up well when I write it.  *crosses fingers*  I’m hoping to get this update for FSOBE done by the end of the week and get started on Chain Reaction Chapter 3.

Speaking of Chain Reaction, I’m so surprised at all the favorites and comments I’m getting. I’ve just blown away that someone took the time to read my fic, which is more than a bit unconventional.

Anyway, I’m off to rest today and then tomorrow I will get back to writing.


Taking A Break

So, I have been slipping on my writing routine lately. Mostly, because I had my day job and my kids have been taking up all my free time. With 4th of July holiday in the middle of the week, I had a lot of stuff to catch up on.

Not to mention, my new blog ‘Dress Them Up’ decided to crash and burn and I have been scrambling to get everything back up. I got %80 of it back up. I still got a lot to do and God knows I haven’t been promoting it at all this week.

Anywhoo, all of my drive to write or to do anything has dried completely dried up. Today, instead of finishing my long list of duties. I have been sleeping like I’m pregnant, and no I’m not pregnant. So I’m taking this week off of writing and I will do my best to get back to my usual schedule.

I hope to have the rough draft of the next chapter of FSOBE next week, and the hopefully Chain Reaction will be up the week after.




Stuck in Editing Hell

Sorry, I haven’t been blogging for a while. I have been swamped with work and I hadn’t had time to write. So this weekend I have been working on editing my much an overdue chapters FSOBE and Chain Reaction.

And my beta for Chain Reaction has gone awol so I have to edit this chapter myself. With my borderline dyslexia, it’s the tenth level of hell.

I’m considering going back to using Dragon Naturally Speaking. However, I don’t really like using it. But what is making this hell that I have gone through at least three drafts to get to this point? I might do an editing and writing combo thing during my second draft.

Read it out loud and revise. I’ll tell you guys how it will work out. Anyway, I will talk to you guys later.

ETA: I have been freed from my editing hell. My beta has come through!

Pause For Beta’ing

So no word counts today, I’m actually taking a day off of writing because I have sent my latest chapters for both my fics FSOBE and Chain Reaction off to the betas.  And now, I have all these doubts about what I left out and what I should have included in that chapter.

It happens to me all the time, and honestly in the end, once it goes off to the beta I honestly don’t change things unless it’s really necessary. So yeah, the struggle is diffidently real.

I’m getting about five chapters into the end of the FSOBE and that process of starting to wrap up this story is so nerve wracking because I just want everything line up and well and end on a great note.  I think a lot of writers often worry about the beginning, but writing the end is just as nerve wracking. This will be the first story that I have ever finished. So I have that added pressure on top of me.

However, I am just bursting with ideas for Chain Reaction. I have so many ways I want to characterize Aster and all the characters but with this story I am actually trying to establish a voice for character for the first time, then making sure that this doesn’t turn into an issues fic, and then watching diligently for Aster not turning into a mary sue  was hard work.

I don’t want to overpower her, I want her to work for every reward she gets (and she will) and I’m going to whumped her and I already have. started that. I wanted her to have PTSD but I don’t think I worked more into that.

So yeah, I have a lot on my plate writing wise.  However, this process writing FSOBE and writing Chain Reaction has taught me so much about myself and my ability as a writing and my writing process.

Anway, I’m done bitching for today.  Before I go, I want to thank all of my new followers. Thank you so much for coming on the crazy train with me.

Distraction Free

Today’s Word Count:  760 words.

I’m done with Chapter 11 of FSOBE! I need some cleaning up but I’m so happy to be done and well within my self-imposed timeline.  It’s 1700 words and I actually dropped off a huge bombshell in it that I will keep mum so I won’t spoil you, dear readers.  I still have to edit Chapter 10, but I probably in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow I start on dissecting my first draft of ‘Chain Reaction’. I’m totally excited, and I’m literally chomping at the bit to get my hands on it! I just have so many ideas and so many ways to get this. I also have to get Bruce Wayne’s voice down pat, because I will be giving him POV scenes. I still haven’t figured out what the overall arch is going to be but that is part of the fun in my opinion.

I have dipped my toe into web serials and I’m totally excited to see what comes out.  I have a love and hate thing with Wattpad, I know it’s a great way to get discovered and to build a fanbase as a writer. However, Wattpadd is like going to a foreign country and not knowing how to speak the language.

Does anyone know a good alternative to Wattpad, or can recommend some good books on Wattpad? Because I’m coming

And I’m so damn picky when it comes to stories, that the lot of stories I find there are not all that good. I know,  I’m being a hypocrite, especially my writing is not exactly J.K. Rowling or Stephen King level of awesome.

But as the good fish Dorie once said, “You just got to keep swimming, swimming, swimming!”

One last thing before I go,  so I have gotten in the habit of turning off my internet and typing into Google Docs on full-screen mode.  I use the offline Chrome extension and it works like a charm. It really keeps me from wandering on Facebook (I’m a Facebook junkie okay?) or Twitter. As I said, having a set time to write (Nap time) and keeping to it by getting offline has saved me as a writer. I totally recommend it.

Well, that’s all I have to say for today. I will talk to you guys later!


Filler R US?

Today’s Word Count: 1069 words

So writing FOSBE. I decided that I wouldn’t work on the second draft of  ‘Chain Reaction’ until I finished writing this chapter of FOSBE. It’s just a way for me to stop myself from neglecting any of my other stories. It’s working, but I’m having a hard time trying to not to write the shiny new story.

It’s the curse of having ADD, I guess.   I’m very happy with today’s word count. It wasn’t a complete slog like yesterday and I had to stop myself from writing. As much as I loved writing today I had other chores to do before the kids got up from their nap. I actually really giving myself an allotted time to write instead of a word count goal.

It’s way less stressful trying to meet a goal, and it keeps my writing environment fluid. I also got a few followers! Hello, followers! I’m sorry the theme is not more awesome, but right now I’m just trying out the writing blog type of thing.

It really helps me bring keeps everything perspective.

As for this chapter, I honestly feel like a lot of its filler. But honestly, its character development and explaining what potentially might be plot holes.  I still think that this is not my best work and a good portion of the credit goes to my editor/beta reader Melaine. But the more I write, the more it’s getting less painful to write.

I used to get the horrible anxiety attack when I used to write, but now it’s so much better.   Anyway, that’s all I got for today. So I will see you guys here next time!

Short and Sweet

So I haven’t been updating this blog for a while. I stopped doing daily prompts because I have been bitten by the plot bunny of doom. It’s fanfiction, but like many writers, before me, I’m basically using it as a training ground. I also have been writing during the kid’s naptime at least five days a week.

As for what I’m writing right now, I’m writing a transgender Harry Potter/Batman crossover that I have rebooted three or four times.  I have determined that I’m going to just write shorter episodes with an overall story arc. I’m going to see how it works.

I have also determined that outlining is really not for me, the fun is putting the pieces together in a story.  So I actually record my story notes on my phone with a voice memo action, because of that how I work out the overall arch of the story.

So yeah, I’m working on a lot of fanfiction. Reading everything I can get my hands on and trying to improve.